Laser Scanning

3D scanning is the process of capturing digital information about the shape of an object with equipment that uses a laser or light to measure the distance between the scanner and the object.  3D scanning is also known as 3D Imaging, Laser Scanning, Laser Digitizing, and Digital Shape Sampling & Processing.  3D scanning can capture data of very small objects all the way up to full-size aircraft and buildings.  It can be used for reverse engineering, computer-aided inspection, or simply documenting the shape for future use.

Kglobe India specializes in delivering 3D models and Scan to BIM model for any type of Architectural modeling ( all types of buildings) OR Structure(Tunnel, Road Bridges, Towers & floors) and MEP(Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing).

Building Information Modeling or Scan to BIM modeling

KGlobe India is an industry leader in 3D modeling and building information modeling (BIM) for heritage, high-rise, brownfields industrial facilities management and infrastructure construction.  Layer Informatics produces all manner of data formats and a variety of modeling products.

An accurate, up-to-date BIM enables collaboration between engineers, architects, and project and construction managers—everyone on a construction team.  As it visually documents how changes impact the build and surrounding environment, a BIM becomes the centerpiece for well-coordinated construction and satisfied asset owners.